Nature Photography Competition

Nature Photography Competition

There's nothing quite like capturing that special moment and sharing it with the world. Go beyond Facebook and share your special wildlife moment in our annual Nature Photography Competition.

The competition is open to contributors from around the world - and the content must be an Australian native plant or animal.

Contributors can submit only one photo of a plant or animal in each of one or more categories; Land, Sky, Water, Tree, Endangered Species or Junior Photography (under 15). This means entrants can have more than one submission with by entering in more than one category.

Entry is free.

Submit your entries by email to:

Your entry must include:

  • photo : in jpg, jpeg, tiff or raw image formats
  • story : doc, docx or txt formats

Digital photos of Australian plants and animals that are on or in the following categories:

  • Land
  • Sky
  • Water
  • Tree

... with two special categories for

  • Endangered Species
  • Junior Photography (under 15)

Nominate which category you are contributing to (one or more) - and provide the name of the plant or animal. If this last piece is a bit hard (particularly for younger photographers) ... take your chances and submit it without the name. We'll try to work out if it's Australian ... or from ... Ecuador or Nepal ... and of course only native Australian species will go through for selection.

... and while a picture is worth a thousand words - we'd like you to tell the story behind the shot in up to 100 words. Submissions should include a very brief caption and some words to help inform viewers and the selection committee about the story behind the photo.

Participants can win a range of cash and prizes including: trophy, gift passes, Foundation membership, native plant vouchers, book selection, public exhibition + more.

Those that rise up to form the tip of the iceberg, will be seen by the world and have the opportunity to share their story at public events and online.

We don't want to breach your privacy: Information provided that may personally identify you will only be used by the Foundation for direct communication regarding the competition. Your authority to use your name in announcing the finalists will be consider given as part of entry.

It should be your work: The image must be the work of the entrant.

You should have the copyright to the work and you'll share those rights with us: All copyrights for the image must be held by the contributor. You provide the Stead Foundation a non-exclusive licence to use the image for promotion and envirnomnetal awareness. In simple terms, if you take a nature photo and you don't mind us using it - that's great.

For better or worse, the decision is the decision: The selection committees set of finalist photos is at their discretion. Selection is based on a blind test - the committee don't know who made the submission.

We play this game with both hands above the table: Selection committee members are unable to enter the competition.