Thistle and David G. Stead - an Audio History Project

Do you, a friend or a family member have personal memories of David or Thistle.

The Foundation is planning for its next project - capturing audio history of Thistle and David G. Stead. We are looking for people who have met David or Thistle and would like to talk about their experience. These memories will be preserved in perpetuity as part of our audio history collection. The project is being led by Kendall Stead, one of David and Thistle's great grand-daughters.

Sydney Event - Rachel Carson

A new series of Stead Foundation Sydney Events we will be presented throughout 2017 in conjunction with the Inner West Rotary Club.

This next event will focus on the work of Rachel Carson and the influence of her book ... Silent Spring.

Rachel was an exceptional woman who loved Nature. This talk will examine why Rachel’s Silent Spring (1962) has been hailed as one of the most influential environmental books of the 20th Century?

The evening will be presented by our environmental historian, Janine Kitson.

Talk is free ... buy your own dinner.

Nature Photography Competition

There's nothing quite like capturing that special moment and sharing it with the world. Go beyond Facebook and share your special wildlife moment in our annual Nature Photography Competition.

The competition is open to contributors from around the world - and the content must be an Australian native plant or animal.